What would you say about your zip code? Miami public radio station WRLN recently launched a project where they asked listeners to “memorialize your federally-appointed numerical designation by writing an ode to your ZIP code”. So, you take the digits of your zip code and each number corresponds to a line. The number for that line then determines how many syllables go into that line. So zip 33140 would go:

3 syllables

3 syllables

1 syllable

4 syllables

0 syllables

You get it…

Anyway, I found the project pretty fun, so I thought I would give it a try myself. Here are a few attempts for my zip 55406, in Minneapolis, MN:

Trees in abundance

Plenty of lakes too

Nice to live here

Unless it’s wintertime

(Fellow Minnesota runners will get the following one. Oh, those friendly Minnesotans.)

When out for a jog

Strangers smile at me

Or say “hello”

Awkward when out of breath

My house has been here

For one hundred years

I only three

But for now we both are

Here are a few of my favorites from the project:

I own little

and regret less

Key West does that

(Rhonda Saunders, 33040)

North Miami like

My delinquent uncle


Charming, warm, partly

honest, we still invite him


(Ethan Cornelis Heijn, 33181)

Opening morning blinds

onto the lanai

I am again delighted

by tropical foliage, lake, birds,

sky, sunshine, quiet, warmth.

Retired in Boca, a happy cliche.

(Judith Friedman, 33496)

See all of the entries at: http://zipodes.tumblr.com/

What is your zip ode? I’d love to hear it! International postal codes very welcome!

Feature image of downtown Minneapolis m01229 via Flickr


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