There’s something about coming back to the same place. The way that you can really get to know it
in a deeper way. When you’ve seen the same place at different times of day, at different times of the year, in different moods.

There’s something about a place that stays the same – the structure you might call it. But, there are countless changes on the surface of that immutable structure that only a frequent visitor might notice.

When we come to a place repeatedly with our senses open – to listen, and smell, and see that place – we began to know it in a profound way. We internalize it, begin to carry it with us.

One place that I’m fortunate to be able to visit often enough to know deeply like this is beautiful Minnehaha Falls. It is amazing to experience the seasonal changes at the falls, from the roar of late spring waters to the frozen falls of winter. Today at the falls the ice has almost fully melted, brown vegetation slowly, slowly turning green abounds on the banks and the water is falling almost gently down the drop.

2014-06-19 13.07.18
Last June at the falls after a rainstorm
2015-04-14 09.21.05
Today, April 15

I couldn’t find a winter photo, though I know I have one saved somewhere (damn, where is it?!). So, here is a nice look at Minnehaha Falls in the winter:

by Jenna via Flickr
by Jenna via Flickr

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