Reconnecting to the Rhythm of the Year

Modern life has created a rift between humans and nature as has never existed in the past. We don’t follow prey or water with the seasons as our nomadic ancestors did. Few of us still know the cycle of sowing, weeding, and harvesting in any but the most abstract terms. We no longer look to the skies to make judgments about what the weather holds in store; rather, we look to our phones. Our lives have become deeply disconnected from the rhythm of the year, the pattern of the seasons, and the wealth and warmth of our human heritage.

I will be writing here on this new blog, Maple Tree Almanac, as part of a goal to reconnect with the turning of the year and welcome any readers to join me on this journey. Posts will explore the intersection of many of my interests, including: anthropology, history, weather, ecology, holidays, literature, food, and astronomy. Each post will relate to the season, month, date, or particular day in which it appears. In the upcoming weeks of November, I will be writing about St. Clement’s Day (which traditionally marked the first day of winter), late autumn droving, dressing for cold weather, and Thanksgiving history. New posts will appear in the early a.m., so information particularly relevant to specific days (holidays, for example) should be available for the whole day and to all readers.

Welcome to Maple Tree Almanac. I hope you will join me in my journey to reconnect with the rhythm of the year.


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